Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Last night was Meet the Teacher Night at Ella's new preschool.  She was excited about her backpack and we were excited to see what this preschool business was really like.  Well, unfortunately, we were less than impressed.  It just wasn't what I was expecting.  Maybe my expectations were too high.  I mean, it is just preschool.  But first impressions are important in my mind and I wasn't thrilled.  The pastor of the church gave a 15 minute "sermon" at the beginning which did not go well.  I mean, you've got a lot of young families that bring all their kids, who cry and fuss and talk, all while this pastor is up there yappin.  He's talking to the new preschoolers, who are not listening, about not having as nice of an outfit as your new friend, or as good of a backpack.  I'm pretty sure my three year old doesn't look at someone's outfit and think, I like her clothes better.  She's just not there yet.  So, while this sermon may have been fitting for middle school orientation, it was most certainly a waste of time for families with three year olds.  So thankfully, that ended.

We were all ushered out like cattle to find our kids name that corresponded with a color and a teacher. 

Ella Butler- yellow- Ms. Chris.  

So we went to find her classroom and meet Ms. Chris.  Now, when I was thinking of Ella going to preschool in South Carolina I had dreamed up this cute little older teacher with a southern twang.  Well, what she's got is quite the opposite.  She's got the brand new teacher from Long Island, NY with a very thick New York accent.  She sounds very much like a New Yorker, although she's lived here for a few years, and doesn't say her R's right.  Ella already can't say her R's correctly in some words, so this will be interesting.  I'm sure she's a very sweet lady and loves preschoolers.  It's just going to take me a bit to get used to this.  Once again, not what I was expecting.  

So when we got home, I filled out the paperwork to return with Ella the next day, Brooks made her a sandwich and I finished the rest of her lunch.  I just kept telling myself, she'll be okay, she'll probably love Ms. Chris, it's just preschool, the social aspect will be great for her, i'm not expecting her to learn how to multiply fractions...

With Daddy on Meet the Teacher Night.  He had to leave for work early on the first day of school!

Me and my preschooler!! (please pardon my roots, I need to find a new salon ASAP)
Yep, I'm that mom that takes pictures of everything, sorry lady in black.

Checkin out her new seat

I woke up feeling better about this preschool situation.  I just kept praying the night before that I'd have peace and that Ella would love it.  So, it was an exciting day.  Ella got dressed and had her breakfast of choice...
First day of school breakfast!  Blueberry waffles and a banana!
We prayed for her first day and then we took a few pictures.
So excited!

Saying goodbye to Hallie girl

Then we got in the car.  We were on our way and Ella was very quiet.  I asked her what she was thinking about and she very solemnly said, "preschool".  I said, "What about preschool? Are you nervous?"  She answered yes, that she was nervous.  So I started telling her all the fun things I thought she'd get to do.  Then we pulled in the parking lot.  And took some more pictures...
Heading inside

She's telling me that that room has a little potty in it.

We got to the classroom and hung up her backpack, put her lunchbox in the lunchbox bin (or laundry basket, but we'll go with bin) and I showed Ella her seat again.  Then I gave her a hug and told her I'd be back soon.  I walked to the other side of the room to ask Ms. Chris about what they do when one of them has to potty and Ella came over, hugged my leg, and said, "I don't want you to leave."  That's when I almost cried but I didn't.  I knew if I did, then she would, so I held it together.  I told her that Hallie and I would be back to get her soon and she'd have so much fun until then.  Then I saw a rug on the floor that had cars and an airplane on it and I told her if she misses daddy while she's at school then she can just look at the airplane and she'll feel better.  She said ok and then went to play with the doll baby and I snuck out.

School, playing with baby dolls... it's all the same right?

Her classroom

That's her teacher, Ms. Chris.  Jury is still out...
Driving away was a weird feeling with no talking coming from the backseat.  Kinda sad yet enjoyable at the same time.  It was just HJ and me for the next three hours!

Fast forward to 12:15.  We pick Ella up and she's so excited and I'm excited to see her!  Then I start in with 20 questions...
I ask her how her day was and she tells me she loved it.
I asked her what she did and she said she had a snack and pottied FOUR TIMES (do you see why I was concerned about the pottying?).
I asked her what else she did and she said she played on the playground with her new friends, played with play-doh, and ate lunch.
I asked her what she learned and she said she, "Ummm, I learned to pray for my lunch."  Ok, so I guess we failed in the prayer-before-lunch department at home.  So that's what she learned on her first day.
I asked her if there was anything else.  She said, "Nope".
Then I asked her if she liked her teacher.  She said yes, that she was nice and then she said, "but she was rude to me one time".  "Rude, why was she rude to you", I asked.  Ella answered, "She said, Ella May, sit on your bondem (which is how Ella says bottom)!"  So Ella got busted for sitting on her knees instead of her bottom.  And when you discipline Ella, she thinks you're rude.  She tells me that a lot.  See  post here.
I asked her if she missed daddy, mommy, and Hallie and she said yes, but then she said that she looked at the airplane and that made her feel better. :)  So sweet.

So that about sums up her first day of 3 year old preschool!  My girl is growing up!!


katy said...

So cute! I loved catching up on your girls. I hope that preschool goes better than you feel like it will right now! I can't believe that they had the kids at orientation. K's preschool was adamant that no kids be at orientation, I can only imagine how that would go!

Matt Ensey said...

That's really cool, Kendra. Sounds like when Nevaeh went to preschool. Good times....